Evergreen - Standard Practice

All faculty (continuous contract) and support staff (continuous contract) are eligible to participate in this computer purchase program. This program runs annually. Key timelines and processes are noted below. Over the last several years of running this program, a number of standard practices have been adopted. Accordingly, a Frequently Asked Questions area has been created to further explain our operating procedures.

In summary, the program provides participants with money towards the purchase of a new computer every 5 years.


From our inventory database, Technologies in Education creates a list of all eligible faculty and support staff members.

Eligible evergreen participants will be notified


Eligible participants are provided with recommended lists of computer equipment.

Eligible participants can request a consultation with Technologies in Education about selecting a suitable system.

April 30Eligible faculty and support staff members must notify Technologies in Education of their intention to use the program.
May 15Last date for evergreen participants to order their system.
May 15 - 30Orders are placed (where possible in bulk). 

New systems are received and deployed. Final payments or budget transfers must be completed prior to delivery.

Old systems are collected at this time.

*Eligible faculty (continuous contract) refers to one evergreen computer per individual every 5 years. Eligible support staff (continuous contract) refers to one evergreen computer per position every 5 years.

**Support Staff - 75% of the purchase price of a single laptop or desktop computer and monitor, to a maximum of $1,125. The department will need to approve and cover any balance.

***Faculty - 100% of the purchase price of a single laptop or desktop computer and monitor, to a maximum of $1,500. The faculty member needs to make arrangements to cover any additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

› Can I purchase a computer that is not on your recommended computer purchasing list?

Yes. It is important to us that you select a system that meets your needs. In consultation with IST, we have generated the recommended computer purchasing lists. These systems have been chosen for a number of reasons, specifically:

  1. We know that our institution has expertise and support for the items on these lists. We will be updating the lists several times a year to reflect this changing marketplace.
  2. The items on our list have been considered for business use. In some cases, computer products designed for home or personal use may not have the same longevity. While the initial cost may be less, it is important to note that the cost over 5 years is what our list is based on.

That said, it is possible that the system you need is not on our list. IST and Technologies in Education use a ‘best effort’ practice to try and fix systems that we are not familiar with. When participants select ‘off list’ we encourage the purchase of additional warranty and service programs, if available.

› I have a computer that someone gave me. It is 100 years old. Can I get a new one under this program?

No. We ask that when equipment is transferred from one individual to another we be notified so that we can ensure everyone has a system that meets their needs. We do have a collection of computer antiques that we would be happy to add your 100 year old computer to.

› What if my computer dies and it has only been 4 years and 10 months?

This has happened a number of times over the last few years. When the individual is within 6 months of their evergreen date we will make the evergreen purchase.

› What if my computer dies and it has only been 4 years and 1 month?

This has also happened a number of times. When the individual is greater than 6 months of their evergreen purchase date, we will prorate the funding that would normally be allocated.