Wireless Upgrades

University Wireless ServiceUniversity Wireless Service (UWS) is getting better for you in Education North and Education South!

The Faculty of Education and Information Services and Technology (IST) have teamed up on the Education Wireless Capacity Improvement project (EWCI) to bring you:

  • Improved connectivity and faster internet speed

  • Higher bandwidth, improved coverage, and upgraded technology

  • Improved support and capacity for multiple devices per person

Large lecture theatres such as 2-115 in Education North, and 129 in Education South were upgraded in the fall of 2014. Additional classroom and common spaces in Education North and South will also benefit from the new wireless technology with work scheduled in the winter term of 2015. This next phase of work increases coverage to all Education South classrooms on floors one through four, and additional space in Education North such as the fourth floor lounge. 

The Faculty of Education has identified that increasing the wireless density is a strategic need of the Faculty. EWCI is a pilot initiative to supplement the UWS wireless densities in select student learning and collaboration areas.

This project meets the Faculty of Education objectives of improving and supporting users by allowing them to use multiple devices simultaneously. The overall objective is to create next generation classroom experiences in select teaching spaces, and enhance wireless capacities and densities in common areas such as the main floor cafeteria in Education North.

IST have provided design expertise and will be monitoring usage and performance to optimize the design for future UWS installations.

If you’d like to learn more about the project, please contact us.