Network Access


If you are on campus, you can access the Internet either through public computers or with your personal devices.

There are several locations within the Faculty of Education that provide desktop computers with internet access. Most now offer the choice of working within a Mac or Windows environment. Public computers require authentication with a CCID and password to access the network.

For information on accessing the wireless network with your personal device, please see the Learning Resource on Wireless Access.

Things You'll Need
  • Your Campus Computing ID (CCID) and password

  • A public computer

    IST Labs: There are five IST computer labs (running on both Mac OS and Windows) located in the Education buildings and two in Rutherford:

        • Rooms 3-108 & 3-110 in Education North
        • Rooms 155A & 155B in Education South
        • Room L-107 in Education South (H. T. Coutts Library)
        • Room 203 & 205A Rutherford South

    Note: Schedules are posted near the lab doors allowing you to see when classes are booked. Many instructors will let you work quietly at a computer during their class, if there are computers available. Just ask!

    Education Learning Commons (ELC): Several desktop computers availalbe running both Mac OS and Windows.

  1. 1

    Locate the Authenticate icon on the desktop.

  2. 2

     Double click the icon and a command prompt  (Widows) or an authentication dialogue box (Mac) should appear.

  3. 3

    Type in your CCID. On Windows, press enter.

  4. 4

    Type in your password (it won't show up for security purposes) and press enter/return or click Connect(Mac).

  5. 5

    Once you have entered your CCID and password correctly, a dialogue informing you that you are connected should appear. You are now connected to the internet. Note that the dialogue box must stay open for you to have internet access. You can minimize the window.

  • Don't forget to close the Authentication window that you minimized at the beginning of your session.

  • Single sign-on, a feature of many University of Alberta online services, makes it seamless to move between the various services within your web browser. However, your browser retains your password in order to do this. When using a public computer, you MUST close/quit the browser to remove your password; just closing the window won’t do it.

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