Adobe Connect for Students


Learn how to attend a class using the web conferencing platform Adobe Connect.

Things You'll Need
  • An Internet Connection

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    If you are using a headset (instead of the computer’s built-in mike and speakers), please plug this into the computer prior to joining the Adobe Connect room. You may also need to change the audio input and output in your computer’s system preferences or control panel.

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    Once you know your computer is OK to run Adobe Connect then you can access the eClass Live session by clicking on the Friday Meetings Winter 2014 link in eClass.

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    Once you are in the “room” you need to connect your audio by clicking on the dropdown menu next to the microphone icon and selecting “Connect My Audio”.

    Connect my Audio

  5. 5

    Run the Audio Setup Wizard to make sure that you can hear and be heard. Do so by clicking on “Meeting” in the top menu bar, selecting “Audio Setup Wizard...” and following the prompts.


    meeting drop down menu - preferences and audio setup wizard

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    Now you are ready to go! When you are not speaking, make sure to mute your microphone.

    click on microphone icon and select mute my microphone

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    There are a number of indicators that you can use during the class. They can be found by going to the logo of the person with the raised hand and opening the drop down menu.

    indicator drop down menu includes options for raise hand, agree, disagree, step away, speak louder, speak softer, speed up, slow down, laughter, applause

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