New folder sharing permissions in Google Drive

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IST has announced new folder sharing permissions are now available in Google Drive shared drives! 

Shared drives empower teams and departments to store, access, and collaborate on files. Now, you can share a specific folder with others outside of the team, or upgrade a team member’s access to provide additional permission on specific folders within the shared drive. 

New Pincode Collaboration in Google Drive

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Google has announced secure, pincode-based collaboration with people who do not have a Google account.

Video Conference Tools and Tips

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If you are looking for ways to add videos to your class, we've created some helpful guides to help you out.

Gearing Up for Fall 2020

Tags: Assessment, eClass, Synchronous

As we prepare to offer the majority of classes online for the Fall 2020 semester, Technologies in Education has prepared some guides to help you prepare for online delivery.

eClass Videos

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eClass videos hosted in Kaltura

Do you have videos that you use in eClass that were previously stored in Kaltura? The Faculty of Education's Kaltura video streaming service expired in July, but an archive of our videos has been saved to Google Drive. Any Kaltura videos used in eClass will need to be transferred to one of the centrally supported video services and links will need to be updated. Please contact Tech in Ed in early August for help identifying, moving and re-linking your video content.

Assessment Options for Fall 2020

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A major challenge for instructors for the Fall 2020 semester is choosing the best method for assessing your students in an online environment. To assist in planning your assessments for remote delivery, we have created a guide on assessment best practices, found here

Video Support Fall 2020

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In consultation with Technologies in Education, the Faculty has reviewed our video streaming requirements and decided to move away from the Kaltura service which we have been using for the past 4 years. The University -- through IST and the library -- now offers several services that can meet all of our Faculty's video streaming needs reliably and more cost-effectively.

Video Conference Tools and Tips

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If you are looking for ways to add videos to your class, we've created some helpful guides to help you out. Check out our What Tool Should I Use guide to help determine what tool will work best for you and your class.

The challenge: How do I adapt to online delivery of assessments?

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We recognize that there are many factors that influence the choices you make for assessment. We also recognize that the requirement to move your assessments online may raise many concerns and questions. We're interested in hearing from everyone who has made this transition. We want to understand what your priorities were, how you planned to meet them, and the recommendations you would have for others.

How to Move Your Course Online

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Do you need help getting your Spring or Summer course online? Technologies in Education is here to help! We’re holding virtual sessions via Zoom on some best practices for moving your course online.

Our sessions include an overview of eClass, including a brief introduction to Gradebook, and how the Tech in Ed team can support your teaching and learning. We’ll also have sessions on different Synchronous and Asynchronous tools with a brief overview of your various tools and when to use them with a focus on Zoom as a teaching tool.