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Bubble.us is a brainstorming and mindmapping tool for organizing, sorting, categorizing (etc) your ideas from a website.

Why we use it:

  • Visual representation
  • Idea organization
  • Present a concept
  • Describe a process
  • Grow ideas
  • Share with others
  • Allow users to find your bubbl.us
  • https://bubbl.us/examples
  • Built for speed - It’s simple interface allows for fast load times on your device!
Things You'll Need
  • A usable computer with internet

  • Email address, facebook account, or Google+ account (for registering an account)

  1. 1

    (The following is from https://bubbl.us/help/gettingstarted)
    Start brainstorming by creating a new mind map. If you are not signed in, you can click on

    Start Brainstorming button

  2. 2

    If you are signed in, click on

    mind map button

  3. 3

    A tab titled "New Mind Map" will appear with the editor underneath.

    Mindmap editor with zoom, undo, copy, paste, print, export, and save buttons with a content area

  4. 4

    Click on the bubble's text to edit.

    type here bubble

  5. 5

    To create a new child bubble, press CTRL + ENTER while editing text

    Yellow parent bubble and green child button

  6. 6

    To create a sibling under the same parent bubble, press TAB.

    Yellow parent bubble with 2 green bubble offshoots (child and another child)

  7. 7

    Changing Bubble Colors

    Hover your mouse over a bubble and an editing menu will appear. The color button has two parts - text color and background color. Click on desired button to bring up Color Selector.

     Click the Background colour button to change the bubble's background colour.

  8. 8

    Changing Text Size

    Hover your mouse over a bubble and an editing menu will appear. Use text "up" and "down" to increase and decrease bubble's text size.

    Text size  button with triangles on either size

  9. 9

    Text Formatting

    You can use pseudo tags to format text in bubbles.

    Text in between [b] and [/b] will become bold, [i] and [/i] is italic, and [h] and [/h] is heading. Note that the formatting is only visible when bubble text is not being edited. Click out of bubble to see formatting changes.

    [h]headlines[/h] you can [b]bold text[/b] or [i]italics[/i] for emphasis. List items are made by putting a * in the beginning of a line

    To create hyperlinks in bubble text just type in a full URL (starting with "http://"). When you click out of the bubble the URL will be clickable. To add a URL description follow the URL with "[description text]". When you click out of the bubble the clickable description will be displayed instead of the URL.

    http://bubbl.us[brainstorming made simple ]


  10. 10


    To move a bubble click and drag on its edge (not inside the text box), or hover your mouse over it and an editing menu will appear with "Move" button. Click and drag the "Move" button to start moving.

    Drop a bubble to accept its new position. If you drop a bubble onto another bubble the bubble that was being dragged will become its child.

    moving | Drop to accept new postiion

  11. 11

    Assigning To A Parent

    To assign a bubble to a parent drag and drop it onto a new parent bubble. If the bubble had a parent it will be re-parented to the new bubble and its former siblings will shift to take its place.

    movie drop to assign new parent


  12. 12

    Saving work

    To save a mind map click on "Save" button in upper right corner of the editor. By default, changes to mind map will be saved every two minutes.

     Save Copy as: autosave every 2 minutes

    The mind maps you save show up in Mind Map Browser panel.

    Mind Map
    To open a saved mind map double click on it in the list.

  • CTRL + Enter to spawn a child bubble

    • Much like making a line break
    • On Mac: Command + Return works as well
  • Click on line to label or delete association

  • Signing-in/Registering ahead of time so you can save your work with less interruption (keeps asking you to sign in)

  • Save periodically or you can rely on the 2 minute auto-save interval

  • Customize colours proactively, otherwise you will have many bubbles to change.

  • If you want to move a cluster, start moving and organizing the outside first, then work your way up the hierarchy.

  • 30 Day free trial for Premium + levels

  • Free basic account - creates up to 3 mind maps

  • Tiered accounts have more features depending on how much you wish to pay

  • If you don’t sign in or sign up, you’ll be bothered by popups asking you to sign in. They do this probably to ensure that you don’t lose your work.

  • Mouse-hover options might be temperamental. If it does not work the first time, try a few more times.

  • Does not automatically organize, so you might end up with a large cluster of bubbles unless you are proactive about the layout

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