GoAnimate is a fun app used to create animated videos for free. You are given your own cast of characters to create the video of your choice without having to do any of the drawing. 

GoAnimate is very simple - pretty much a plug-and-play way to make a video. There are limitations in terms of what you can do with the characters, though, since everything is pre-programmed and you can only make one character do one thing at a time per scene. If you had the patience to create multiple tiny scenes you could do whatever you wanted with the characters.

You can sign into GoAnimate using your Apps@UAlberta account.

Things You'll Need
  • CCID and password OR a valid email address.

  • An Internet connection.

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    Create a new account, or sign up with your Google or Office account.

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    Click on Make a Video

  • If you upgrade to Pro, you may attach a YouTube channel for use with your GoAnimate account.

  • GoAnimate is only free for a 14 day trial, after that plans start at $40/month

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