YouTube - Overview


YouTube is an online video hosting and sharing website. The site enables those who are registered to upload and share their videos. Uploaded videos can be shared publicly, limited to those with the link or shared only with individual YouTube users.

You do not need an account to visit YouTube and find and view public videos that are posted on the site.

Things You'll Need
  • U of A CCID and password OR valid email address.

  • An Internet connection.

  1. 1

    Log in to YouTube: Everyone with a U of A Apps@ualberta account already has a YouTube account under their ualberta email. However, you will need to create your YouTube 'Channel' in order to upload your videos. See the Learning Resource Creating your apps@ualberta channel for details.

  2. 2

    When you are ready to upload and share your videos, see our Learning Resource Uploading Videos for step by step instructions. 

  • While a U of A apps@ualberta account is available automatically, YouTube is not covered under the University of Alberta's contract with Google. Data you share on YouTube is not the property of the University, and may be accessed by Google for data-mining.

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