YouTube - Upload and Share Videos


YouTube allows for you to create a channel where you can upload and share your videos for easy access by your peers or the general public.

Things You'll Need
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    Once your video is ready, sign in to Youtube at and click the Upload button next to the search bar.

  2. 2

    Click Select files to upload and locate your video file on your computer.  Alternatively, you can drag the file directly from your computer screen into the Select files to upload area.

  3. 3

    Add a TitleDescriptionRelated Tags and choose a Category for your video. 

  4. 4

    Click Upload. Once your video has been uploaded, a green checkmark will appear next to the title of your video.  You should also see the message Upload complete and a live URL link for you to view your video.  This link can be shared with others, and you can make changes to your video via the Video Manager.

  5. 5

    Click on the arrow next to your username and select Video Manager from the drop-down menu. By default, an uploaded video is set to Unlisted.  Click on the lock icon and choose from one of three Privacy settings in the drop-down menu:

    • Public: the video is viewable by anyone and can be found in searches
    • Unlisted: the video will be accessible only to those with the link or through embeded instances, and will not be discoverable in searches.
    • Private: the video is viewable only by other YouTube users you specifically identify. 
  6. 6

    There are two main ways to share your videos with others: sharing the URL link or embedding the video onto a site.

    Sharing a Direct Link: Once users click on the link, they will be re-directed to the source of the video.

    • Copy the URL address of the video in your browser's address bar
    • Paste the link into the page/email/etc.

    Embedding Your Video: This method creates a space for a video player on your page, allowing users to directly view the video on your site.


    • Click the Share button beneath the video and choose the Embed option.  
    • You can also customize the size of the video by selecting the dropdown menu.  Copy the embed code that is generated and paste it into your site.
  • YouTube is not currently covered by the University of Alberta's contract with Google. Data you share on YouTube is not the property of the University, and may be accessed by Google for data-mining.

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