Cubelets are cubs that will magnetize to each other in order to create a robot. There are many different Cubelets with a variety of functions that range from a distance sensor, to wheels, and an inverse function.

Why use it?

  • Easy to use way to create basic robots.
  • Controllable through their app available for Android and iOS
  • Brick adapters lets you combine your favorite brick construction toy with Cubelets
Things You'll Need
  • Purchase a set or individual Cubelets. They can be purchased directly from the website or places like Amazon.

  • iOS or Android device with Cubelets app installed.

  • Brick adapters lets you combine your favorite brick construction toy with Cubelets

  1. 1

    Charge the Battery Cubelet if it is low (or put in new batteries if you have the older model).

  2. 2

    Start attaching Cubelets to the Battery Cubelet to begin constructing your robot.

  3. 3

    Attach the Bluetooth Cubelet to your robot. 


  4. 4

    Turn on bluetooth on your phone, and connect to the Cubelet in your bluetooth settings. 

    Bluetooth menu

  5. 5

    Once connected, open up the Cubelet app if not already opened.

  6. 6

    Select the Cubelet that you would like to connect to.

    Connect to cubelets

  7. 7

    When you are in the Cubelet map, you can select up to 6 Cubelets in order to view their input/output, manually change their input/output, update them, and see the name of a specific Cubelet. 

    Block map

    control cubelets

  • Using the Inverse Cubelet can be helpful when creating a robot that needs the sensor to have the opposite effect.

  • The Drive Cubelets do not indicate which direction it will move when powered.

  • If you are having problems connecting your phone to the Cubelet via bluetooth, make sure that the Bluetooth Cubelet is receiving power.

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