eClass Videos

eClass videos hosted in Kaltura

Do you have videos that you use in eClass that were previously stored in Kaltura? The Faculty of Education's Kaltura video streaming service expired in July, but an archive of our videos has been saved to Google Drive. Any Kaltura videos used in eClass will need to be transferred to one of the centrally supported video services and links will need to be updated. Please contact Tech in Ed in early August for help identifying, moving and re-linking your video content.

eClass videos hosted in Zoom

If you created any recordings for the Winter or Spring 2020 terms, please note that any recordings made between March 16th to June 30th will be removed on August 31st, 2020. The University has a limited amount of Zoom cloud storage space for all recordings so they will be managing recording retention on a term by term basis to ensure that enough storage is available for instructor videos in the next term. After each term, eClass will be sending a notice to all affected U of A Zoom users to either delete or download the video recordings that they have made.

If you have Zoom recordings that you would like to save, you will have until Sunday, August 30th end of day to download the videos from Zoom. This process can be accomplished by following these instructions. Please contact IST eClass support at 780-492-9372 or if you have any questions about this.

Creating new videos

If you are creating new video content for use in eClass, there are now several suitable central solutions. Please contact Tech in Ed at least one week prior to your deadline to determine which platform is best for you.