Google Classroom


Google Classroom is an LMS created and managed by Google.

Why to use it:

  • Integrates with other Google services and apps, allowing for easy integration of Docs, Sheets, and the like, and works with your Google account
  • Easy to use with a low learning curve
  • Allows for management of users through a Google for Education or Google for Work system
Things You'll Need
  • A Google account, such as an account
  1. 1

    To go to Google Classroom either go to, or click the 9 squares at the top right of a Google page (gmail, Google, etc.) and scroll to the bottom.

    Google Classroom in Google apps menu

  2. 2

    To get started, click the + at the top right and select Create Class. You can also join a class if you have a class code this way. 

    Create Class or join class menu option


  3. 3

    Name your class and give it a section, then click Create.

    Create Class options

  4. 4

    When you start a new class, you’ll be given an option to go on a tour of the site. It covers the following:

    1. To add content to your stream, effectively the front page of your classroom, hover over the arrow at the bottom right and choose an option.   Google Classroom options
    2. The class code is used by students to join your class.
       Google Class code
    3. You can also invite students to your class via the Students tab. In order to do this, they must be on your Google contacts list.
      Invite students via code
  5. 5

    From the About tab you can add documentation about your class, such as a syllabus, add an optional class description and/or room number, and invite other teachers. Teachers must be on your Google contacts list to invite them. 

    Classroom homepage


  6. 6

    On the right side of the page you can change the cover photo and theme of your classroom. 

    Select theme | upload photo

  7. 7

    If you click the three lines at the top left you can see all of your classes, quickly go to your calendar, and see ongoing assignments. 

    Ongoing assignments

  • From the Students tab you can adjust what permissions students have in your class. 

    Students can post and comments and students can only comment

  • From the About tab you can add your classroom’s calendar to your Google calendar. 

    Add to Google calendar

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