U of A Tech Services

Welcome to the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta! The following resources provide you with an overview of the core technologies that will form the backbone of your life on campus.

The Faculty of Education and the University of Alberta are busy places and you’ll want to stay informed. With technology tools, it's easy to stay up to date with the latest news. Here are some tips to get you started:
Your Campus Computing ID (CCID) is your unique identifier and grants you access to most computer-based services on campus. It is automatically assigned to you and generally contains some part of your first and/or last name. 
If you need technical support or help with implementing educational technology in your work or studies, help is available within the Faculty of Education and across campus!
The University of Alberta's library system is extensive and one of the best you'll find. Each library offers computer work stations, scanning, printing and copying, and very helpful, tech savvy staff. The Library’s website is also a powerful...
The University of Alberta provides wireless network service across campus.  This service is known as UWS (University Wireless Service). You can connect either through an authenticated connection that requires a log in using your CCID and...