The University of Alberta uses Google's Apps for Education suite of apps!
The University of Alberta uses the Google Apps for Education suite of applications which includes Mail, Calendar, Drive, Sites and Groups. All students, faculty and staff are provided with an apps@ualberta account making these applications available...
Delegating an email account will allow the delegates to access the email inbox without the password. Delegates will be able to read and reply to emails, but they will be unable to modify any of the settings.
Google Forms is a tool that can help you create surveys or quizzes, and can even help organize the results.
Why to use it: Free! Integrates well with other Google tools and products Relatively small learning curve 
Google+ is a social media service developed by Google, very similar to Facebook. Why to use it:Connect with friends, colleagues, and peers.“Circles” system makes specifying who you want to share what with very easy.Integrates with other Google...