Little Bits


Little Bits are a series of electronic modules that connect to each other using magnetic connectors. Each module does one specific task, split into the categories of power, input, wire, and output. Recommended age: 8+ 

Why to use it:

  • Very easy to get started, pieces snap together with magnets
  • Fosters innovation and an interest in electronics and mechanics
  • Large variety of parts and huge amount of community support
Things You'll Need
  • Little Bits! Available from their website, or a number of other online retailers.

  • Other construction materials such as tape, paper, markers, solo cups, etc (recommended).
  1. 1

    The first step of any Little Bits creation requires power, either battery or cable. 

    lt all starts with power | Power is needed in every circuit and is the start of all your creations

  2. 2

    Output modules are, as their name implies, outputs. These are required for your creation to actually do something. 

    Add an output | Green modules are outputs and add motion, light, sound, and more to your circuit

  3. 3

    You’ll likely also want to add an input to your device, so that there’s some control over what it does. 

    control with an input | These modules send signals to your circuit in the form of buttons, dimmers, sensors, and more

  4. 4

    And lastly, you can extend things with a wire module. 

    expand with a wire | Orange modules are wires that help you extend your circuit and branch out

  • There are a huge number of different creations possible with Little Bits. At the time of this writing there are over 60 modules, including ones that can communicate with Arduinos, Bluetooth, and SMS messaging.
  • Much like lego, Little Bits are small and easily lost. Make sure they all go back into their storage containers when they’re not in use.
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