LucidPress is an online document editor and publication tool designed to make professional looking documents easily and quickly.  

Why to use it: 

  • Easy to use and intuitive, while still providing a high level of control. 
  • Wide range of sharing, publication, and downloading options. 
  • Can link with Google Drive and Google Classroom with a paid account. 
Things You'll Need
  • A computer with a working internet connection.

  1. 1

    Go to LucidPress, click “Sign Up Free” at the top of the screen, and then click “Sign Up” under the Free heading. You can either create a new account, or connect using Google or Facebook. 

    Sign up free | log in buttons

  2. 2

    To create a new document, click the “+ Document” button at the top left. 

    Document | Folder buttons

  3. 3

    If this is your first time using LucidPress, you’ll be prompted with a tour pop-up to get you started. 

    Welcome to LucidPress screen

  4. 4

    Within the document editor, on the left panel you can add new content. This includes more pages, text, images, buttons and embeded YouTube or Vimeo videos. 

    LucidPress options | Page, text, shapes, images, tables. video, buttons, etc.

  5. 5

    When an object, such as a text box, is selected, the right side of the screen will change to allow you to change the properties of that object. 

    Text options

  6. 6

    At the top right you can download and share your document, and with a premium account you can even link your document with your Google Classroom. 

    Undo, Redo, Preview, Share, Download options

  • Through the Share options you can add collaborators to your document, so that multiple people can work on it, even at the same time.

  • Comments can be added to objects for other collaborators or even yourself by selecting the object and then clicking Comment at the left toolbar. 

    Comment options


  • From the Layout tab objects can be locked into place to prevent them from accidentally being moved around.

  • From your Account Settings you can link your LucidPress account to your Google Drive.

  • The free account is limited to 25MB of storage and 3 pages per document.

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