Media Requests

We offer faculty and staff a range of support for the development of educational media.

Video Capture Service

In order to ensure availability, please fill out our request form for all Media and Communications requests at least 2 weeks in advance. Please note that all services are subject to availability.

Please note the following:

  • Requests will be confirmed within 2 business days.
  • Events that require Media Technician assistance outside of regular working hours will likely incur a cost to your department. We may not be able to support after hour requests.
  • We are unable to support student requests and events.
  • Delivery takes a minimum of 4 business days. Media requests include 2 change requests with your project. Any additional change requests will be considered a billable service.

Full Service

Full service means full support from beginning to end. In most cases this will mean A/V setup and equipment, Filming, and Post Production (editing and streaming/delivery of the final media product).

The media team has limited capacity for full service requirements.

Priority of acceptance of full service requests:

  • Capture and production of digital learning resources that will be used multiple times in a course(s) within the Faculty of Education.
  • Media that does not fall into the category of Educational Re-Use / for use in the classroom is considered billable (fee for service).

Full service examples (no fee):

  • Lecture capture of your class.
  • Live streaming of your class to remote students.
  • Video Recording training videos to support students in the classroom.
  • Two change requests to the final media are included. A fee for service will occur if you need further changes to the Final Production.

Full service examples (fee for service)

  • Capturing catered events of media for use outside the classroom.
  • Equipment or recording needs for non-classroom events.
  • Requests from clients outside of the Faculty of Education.

If your need is related to research, please contact us directly to discuss approach.

Full service media includes:

  • Video capture (and both Video Conferencing and Video Streaming Capture): Capture live events or create your own environment using our green screen. We provide professional grade cameras, lighting, and audio equipment along with a trained technician who will set up and run the equipment. We will supply you with release forms.
  • Video editing: Our multimedia technicians can trim raw footage, add other picture or video assets or annotations to the project and add titles and music. Production: We’ll save your project in the format you need.
  • Distribution: We can advise on the best way to distribute your media and assist you with uploading to the appropriate location if needed.
  • Hosting: We will host your video on Kaltura. Kaltura is a video streaming service much like YouTube.

Media Support Services (Self Service)

We provide media support services for educational media projects that you want to do yourself but need professional assistance with:

  • Consultation: We can provide advice on the tools and techniques needed for your audio, video, or graphic design project.
  • Equipment: Borrow video cameras, audio and video recording equipment and accessories.
  • Editing software: Use/instruction of our high powered video editing machines with our video (iMovie, MovieMaker, FinalCut Pro), audio (Garageband, Audacity) and image (Adobe CS6) editing software.
  • Screencapture, Narration, Annotation: Use/instruction of our equipment to record what you see on the screen along with your narrative.
  • Scanning & printing: Ask us for assistance on how to produce high quality results with these services found in the ELC.

Video Conferencing

Technologies in Education operates two video conference rooms on the third floor of Education North.

  • We ask that any VC requests are made at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure availability
  • VC rooms are available for bookings from our own Faculty and Staff for Teaching and Learning purposes
  • We are able to use Traditional Video Conferencing (IP based calling)
  • It is possible to use other collaboration programs such as SKYPE
  • There are charges associated with any requests for service outside of regular business hours as well for use with some sites.
  • We have a Portable Video Conference System which allows us to come to your room

Our Rooms

*Please note that our office is currently working remotely and we may not be able to accomodate on-campus requests. 

Education North 3-105a
For groups of 10 or less
Equipped with:

  • Video projection
  • Central Computer for Screen Sharing
  • A telephone for audio conferencing
  • Full Video Conferencing capabilities

Education North 3-119
For groups as large as 40 persons
Equipped with:

  • Ceiling mounted video projector
  • Full Video Conferencing capabilities