Movie Maker


Windows Movie Maker is a tool that takes pre-existing videos and lets you edit them. You can add stills, edit footage, merge multiple videos etc to create a final complete video. 

As a professional development tool, Movie Maker is an engaging way to create videos for instances such as interview applications, admission applications and more. As an educator, it is a great way to create a video from multiple sources to share with your classroom to add to your lesson plans.

Things You'll Need
  • An internet connection.

  • A pre-existing video uploaded to your computer OR stills to put together to form a movie.

  • A Windows operating system.

  1. 1

    Go to and download the proper version for your computer.


  2. 2

    To get started editing a movie:

    a. Open Movie Maker

    b. Click "add videos and photos".

    c.  Select the movie you wish to edit

    Documents library

    d. Click “Import video”; it will take a few moments to import, depending on the file size and how long that clip is.

    e. Click and drag the different sets of clips

    Import video


  3. 3

    Add video effects - Click “Video Effects” on the left side of the window. Drag what effect you want and put it the star in the corner of the Clip.

    Edit movie menu

  4. 4

    Add transitions - Select the “View Video Transitions” from the left panel. Drag them down to the “Storyboard”, but put them in the middle box. You can view the transitions by clicking on them and watching them on the screen to the left.

    add transitions

  5. 5

    Add music or cut short the clips by clicking the “Timeline” also at the bottom of the screen.

     add transitions

  6. 6

    When you want to cut some time from the Clip, click the half triangle at the side of the clip, and then you can move how long you want the scene.

    add music or cut video

  7. 7

    Mute the camera if you're going to make a music video; you don’t want anyone to hear that part, just the music. Then, go to “Import Audio or Music” select a song. Then drag it down to the “TimeLine” You can also cut time or make a short sound from clicking the triangle and dragging to make it as long as you want, you can have just one word, chorus or just the whole song.

    import audio


  8. 8

    Add title or credits by clicking on the appropriate link on the left panel. To add credits, there is a big empty bar on the form; you should put either the title of the movie, or credits. The left side of the form should go positions, like Director, or Producer, or the character. Then, the right side, will be the names of the people that play or direct in their position.

    add credits to movie maker

  9. 9

    Click the view “timeline” and you should see the time line with the song, the title, the clips, and the effects and transitions. Then, you can view the movie that you have created by pressing play on the left panel with the screen.

     view time line


  10. 10

    If you are satisfied, click “Save to my computer” or if you have a CD/DVD you could also save it to that, and it should again, take a few moments to save, then you are done with your movie.

    save movie

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