Online and Blended Program Design

Our Technologies in Education Consultants are available for project that involves the inception, strategic planning, and designing programs for a blended or online delivery. If your area is starting to consider moving an existing program to an online or blended delivery format or you are looking to add a new program into this modality we can support your process. There is a wide assortment of activities involved in the design of a program and we can support you in any and all areas you require:

Initial Needs Assessments

  • Performing an needs analysis for the program
  • Performing any related research to support the decision making process
  • Providing high-level recommendations to support the strategic decision making


  • Creating a program scope document
  • Creation of a program plan
  • Creation of a program delivery document with associated academic considerations, guidelines, and standards to support the design of the program.

Designing and Development

  • Design a program map
  • Design and develop program level resources as required
  • Design and develop courses (please see our Course Development section)


  • Provide a training plan for new faculty
  • Provide support through the pilot offering of the program


  • Provide support in the evaluation of the pilot program
  • Document any recommendations for future development