Online and Blended Course Development

Our Technologies in Education Consultants are available for projects that involve planning for, designing, and delivering online and blended courses. An online or blended project might involve a whole program or just one course. It can encompass the entire instructional design process or be limited to just one or a few components including:

  • Planning
    • Performing needs analysis for the course/program
    • Developing a timeline for development process
    • Identifying resources required
  • Designing
    • Articulating outcomes
    • Identifying and developing assessment strategies
    • Chunking content
    • Developing instructional strategies
    • Collecting formative and summative feedback on the course design
  • Building
    • Developing materials
    • Creating multi-media learning objects
    • Arranging and overseeing the building of the eClass course
  • Teaching
    • Training on using the tools needed to teach the course
    • Coaching and support for facilitating online discussion/activities
    • Providing ongoing support throughout the term