Ozobot is a tiny robot that will follow colour coded routes on paper, or can be programmed using a computer or a tablet to perform actions such as turning, rotating, or displaying specific colours.

Why use it? 

  • A child friendly way to introduce basic programming.
  • Very easy to use interface.
  • Multitude of ways to interact with the Ozobot from drawing, apps, and using Blockly.
Things You'll Need
  • Purchase a set or individual ozobots. They can be purchased directly from the website or places like Amazon.

  • Some good black, red, blue, and green markers. 

  • Blank white paper

  • An internet connection

  • Computer/tablet

  1. 1


    1. Make sure that your Ozobot is fully charged (microUSB charging cable) and calibrated (this is done using the calibration card that comes with the Ozobot).
    2. Download the OzoCodes reference chart.
    3. Grab a blank piece of paper, your markers, and using the OzoCodes reference chart you can start to program the Ozobot.
  2. 2


    Make sure that your Ozobot is fully charged (microUSB charging cable).

  3. 3

    Go to the OzoBlocky website and click on the “Get Started” button. 

    Ozo blockly

  4. 4

    Drag and drop different commands from the side from the different categories to create your program. The different difficulty levels will introduce more and more complex operations to the program. 

    Ozo blockly | movement | light effects | wait

  5. 5

    Before loading your program onto the Ozobot, make sure that you calibrate it against the screen. Press the “Load Ozobot” button in the bottom left.  

    load ozobot

  6. 6

    Turn the screen brightness to 100% and then hold the power button for 2 seconds until to flashes white. Release the button and place the Ozobot against the white spot shaped like and Ozobot on the screen. If the Ozbot flashes green, that means the calibration was successful, if it flashes red, you will need to try the calibration again. 

    place ozobot against the white spot and press load

  7. 7

    Once calibrated, place the Ozobot back on the white space and click on “Load” to load the program onto the Ozobot. If the Ozobot flashes green, the program loaded successfully. 

    load screen

  8. 8

    To run the program, place the Ozobot on the table and double press the power button.


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