Web Development

Technologies in Education provides support for building individual faculty member web sites. We have developed a system that allows us to build these web sites using Google Sites, which is a simple tool that makes it easy to edit a site once it is created. Using this system, we are also able to have those sites "live" on your campus computing web space so that they are still accessible at the same URL that you may already be using (e.g., http://www.ualberta.ca/~myccid). Here are a few examples of web sites built using this method:

Having a site built is a simple process that requires very little time on your part. The basic steps involved are:

  1. A brief (< 30 minute) meeting with someone at Technologies in Education to choose a site template and discuss a header graphic.
  2. Providing Technologies in Education with any content you want up on the site. This is often in the form of an existing web site or a CV.
  3. Technologies in Education will construct the site, create your header and add any content to the site that you have provided.
  4. Once the site is finished, another brief (< 30 minute) meeting is required to place a file on your campus computing web space so that people can view the new Google Site from your old URL.

Other types of web development may be supported and are considered on a case-by-case basis.