Sparkol VideoScribe


Sparkol VideoScribe is a software for automatically creating whiteboard animations.

Things You'll Need
  • A sparkol license or a computer that has a license already on it.

  1. 1

    You can choose to view some of the examples or click on “create.”

    create button

    The program will then show you a brief rundown of the basic functions.

    basic functions of sparkol

    Click anywhere to begin.

    *The tool bar up top is where you will add content to your canvas.


  2. 2

    Start by adding an image of your choice by searching the gallery provided. 

    TIP: If the gallery doesn't have what you’re looking for, simply click on the “Home” button and you can then add an image from your own documents, the web and even dropbox.

    Use thumbnails 

    Once your image is on your canvas, you can click on it to change the dimensions. 

    Change dimensions

  3. 3

    Next, add some text.

    Add text to canvas

    TIP: If you search “bubble” in the image search you can use a word bubble to place your text into. 

     search for word bubble to place text into

     To delete an object simply click on it and then press delete on your keyboard or click the trash icon. 

    delete selected element

    TIP: Once you’ve moved the text into the word bubble you’ll notice that when you try to click the text, it selects the entire word bubble. To edit the text itself click on the object in the timeline below. 

    good morning students!

    Click the image to show the element menu

    TIP: If you’re finding your text is too long for your word bubble, click on the text in the timeline and choose edit.

    Click on text in the timeline and choose edit.

    Next, Make your text appear on two or more lines by clicking “enter” after a word. 

    add a paragraph break

  4. 4

    You’re going to want to edit each element on the canvas to play for the correct amount of time. The default is very long, you can change that to 3 seconds or less or more if you wish. 

    Click “play” to see your canvas in action and to test the timing of each component. 

    Play the scribe from the start

    TIP: If you don’t like the way an element is being drawn (for example: too zoomed in,) position your page to exactly how you wish it to play using your mouse and the zoom in and out button and then selecting the desired element and then click on the camera icon and choosing “set camera.” 

    Set,view and clear camera position for this element

    Use the arrows in your timeline to move elements around!

    Move this element earlier in the running order

    TIP: Click on an element within your timeline and play around with the many features such as: a different hand that draws your picture, the morph feature or the shadow feature. 

  5. 5

    Using the tool bar at the top of your page you can now add your voice or music to your canvas.

  6. 6

    To save or publish your movie click on the film strip in the top right hand corner and click ‘Create Movie.”

  7. 7

    Once that process is complete you can select where you want to save/upload your video. 

    upload to youtube, facebook, dropbox

    TIP: If you are using Sparkol on a computer in the ELC, you have to open to application by going to “Finder,” searching for “videoscribe” and RIGHT CLICKING and click on open. If you click on the application to open it through any other means you will see a notification pop up that won’t allow you to open the program.

    Finder icon  Open

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