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Here are some tips and tricks for making the most of your Twitter account.

  1. 1

    Follow People on Twitter

    • Navigate to a user’s profile
    • Click the Follow button by the User’s profile photo on their profile page.
    • You can also click any Follow button on the Who to follow suggestions section.
      Twitter menu, number of tweets, number following, number of followers, follow button
      Note: For some users, you might need to wait for them to approve your Follow request.
  2. 2

    Unfollow People on Twitter

    • Go to the Following section from your profile page.
    • On your following list, hover over the Following button next to the user you wish to unfollow.
    • Click it once it turns to a red Unfollow.
    • You can also do this from the user’s profile page through the Following button.

    Jim Carry's twitter profile bar with red Unfollow button


  3. 3

    Retweet a Tweet

    By retweeting, you will resend someone else’s Tweet to your followers.

    • To retweet: Hover over the Tweet.
    • Click the Retweet link that appears below the Tweet and the Tweet will be shared with your followers.

    tweet page. Reply option, retweet button, favourite button, more button


  4. 4

    Like a Tweet

    Favourite is usually used as a bookmarking tool. To Favourite a Tweet:

    • To like a tweet, click on the heart below it.

    like a tweet with heart


  5. 5

    Reply to a Tweet

    A Reply is a direct response to another Tweet. To reply to a Tweet:

    • Hover over the Tweet.
    • Click the Reply link found below the tweet.

    tweet from the Art Gallery of Alberta with reply option underlined

    • Type your reply in the box.
    • Click Tweet.

    replying to Art Gallery of Alberta tweet.


  6. 6

    Use the TweetDeck

    TweetDeck is a dashboard application tool that allows users to use several Twitter and Facebook accounts simultaneously. To use TweetDeck you need to make a separate account.

    • Go to
    • Sign in with your Twitter account.
    • Add your Twitter and Facebook accounts to the dashboard.
    • You will find four default columns: Home, Notifications, Activity, and Messages.
      • ‘Home’ is your regular Tweet stream. It includes updates from people you follow.
      • ‘Notifications’ is the stream of tweets that include @YourName.
      • ‘Activity’ is the stream of actions by people you follow.
      • ‘Messages’ is the stream of your private messages. 

    Tweet Deck home page Logo small black bird in blue box with sign up and sign in menus

    • You can use the Search box on the top left to look for any customized search.
    • You can click Add Column at the bottom of your search to create a new column with tweets that match your search.
    • You can also add new columns by clicking Add Column on the top left. Then you can choose the type of the column from the menu that appears. 
    • To make Twitter lists, click Lists on the top left, and then click Create List. Search for users you wish to add to your list and click ‘Save’.
    • You can adjust your future tweets by clicking the feather quill icon on the top right corner. You can then write the tween and assign a specific time for it to be posted. Then click Tweet. 
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