Video Support Fall 2020

In consultation with Technologies in Education, the Faculty has reviewed our video streaming requirements and decided to move away from the Kaltura service which we have been using for the past 4 years. The University -- through IST and the library -- now offers several services that can meet all of our Faculty's video streaming needs reliably and more cost-effectively.

In preparation for this change, department chairs and instructors teaching in the Summer 2020 term have already been contacted to assist with the migration of their videos and updating of their eClass courses or other learning modules. We are now encouraging all other staff -- especially those with classes in Fall 2020 -- to start the process of moving their video out of Kaltura and onto another platform.

Those videos will need to be moved to one of the U of A's new systems and your eClass courses will need to be updated to link to the new location. For support with this move and to identify a suitable video platform, please contact Tech in Ed ( as soon as possible. If you have video resources in your class, but are not sure where they are hosted, we can help you to identify that, as well.

In addition, if there are other projects that are using video hosted on the Kaltura server (for example, video embedded in Articulate presentations), those will need to be identified. Finally, any new video resources should not go into Kaltura. Tech in Ed can help you to identify a suitable platform for hosting your new videos.

Note that the Faculty’s agreement with Kaltura will end on July 19th, however a backup of your video files and associated metadata will be made available to video file owners on Google Drive.

For any concerns about this move from Kaltura, please contact Vice Dean Lynn McGarvey at