Website Hosting

Due to central restructuring of IT services, our website hosting options are currently under review. If you require website hosting, please contact Tech in Ed at directly for further information.

Tech in Ed now offers multiple options for on-campus hosting of websites: Drupal and WordPress.

Administrative websites for the Faculty of Education will be hosted by Tech in Ed for free; however, researchers and centres are required to provide funding for their websites. For Drupal and WordPress hosting, for Faculty of Education related sites, there is a $300 one-time fee which includes the initial site set up of the site, installation of plug-ins, and lifetime hosting of the site. It also includes security updates to the modules used on your site. This fee does not include customizing the style templates, entering or updating content, or costs for commercial plug-ins or for non-UAlberta domain name hosting. Additional services are available as paid services from Tech in Ed. In addition, all non-UAlberta domains will be required to purchase and provide a valid SSL certificate.

Site owners are required to renew their site every two years, to ensure that it is still active. Non-ualberta domains will be required to ensure that their SSL certificates are valid.

Note that it is Tech in Ed's policy to apply all security updates as soon as they are available. In some situations, this can cause problems on a Drupal or WordPress site. It is the site owners responsibility to resolve any issues that occur on their site. If Tech in Ed services are required to resolve these issues, there may be additional charges.

For non-Faculty of Education groups, IST provides basic web hosting services, but if you require additional support, we can manage and update your web site for an hourly rate. Please contact for more information and pricing.

Here is a quick comparison of the website hosting options supported by Tech in Ed:

 Feature  Drupal  WordPress  Google Sites
 U of A style template  Yes  No  No
 Custom Design  Yes  Yes  Limited
 Choose a custom domain
 Yes  Yes  No
 Hosting location  U of A Campus  U of A Campus  Off campus
 Support  Tech in Ed will apply security updates  Tech in Ed will apply security updates  
 HTTPS (included)  Yes (ualberta domains only)  Yes (ualberta domains only) Yes (non-ualberta domain)
(for Education research or centre sites)
 $300 (lifetime cost, requires bi-annual renewal)  $300 (lifetime cost, requires bi-annual renewal)  Free