Website Hosting

Due to central restructuring of IT services, website hosting is no longer available through Technologies in Education, however some hosting options are still available through central services.

Faculties, departments and a short list of centrally acknowledged Centres can use the central “Cascade” content management system to host their websites; contact us ( if you need help determining whether you qualify. Other groups (e.g. internal administrative teams) should use Google Sites.

Researchers can use Google Sites or (currently) IST’s central “Apache” service. Many Faculty of Education research groups are using the Apache service to host Wordpress sites, in some cases using their own non-ualberta domain names. However, the future of this service is under review and this should not be considered a permanent solution. Support for these sites is limited to updating all plug-ins and themes on a nightly basis. Users must also agree to install the WordFence plug-in to ensure that their site is as secure as possible from external security attacks. If a site is compromised, IST will shut it down until the security issue is resolved. Please contact for more information and to discuss your options.

Here is a quick comparison of the website hosting options currently available.

 Feature  Cascade  Apache/WordPress  Google Sites
 U of A style template  Yes  No  No
 Custom Design No  Yes  Limited
 Choose a custom domain
No  Yes Limited
 Hosting location U of A Campus  U of A Campus  Off campus
 Support  Central Tech in Ed can apply security updates1  
 HTTPS (included)  Yes (ualberta domains only)  Yes (ualberta domains only) Yes (non-ualberta domain)
(for Education research or centre sites)
Free Variable (contact Tech in Ed)  Free
Availability Limited to centrally approved groups All2 All U of A Users/Groups

1. Fees may apply

2. As of June 2022, but access may change.