Wireless Access


The University of Alberta provides wireless network service across campus.  This service is known as UWS (University Wireless Service). You can connect either through an authenticated connection that requires a log in using your CCID and password or through a free guest access.

Things You'll Need
  • A wireless enabled device such as a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

  • For authenticated access, you'll need your CCID and password.

  1. 1

    Guest Access (Guest@UofA)

    1. Connect to the "Guest@UofA" Wi-Fi network on your device.
    2. Once connected, open your internet browser and try to open any site. You should be automatically redirected to a Terms & Conditions page.
    3. Read and accept the terms and conditions by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. 
    4. You are now connected to the guest network.
  2. 2

    University Wireless Service (UWS)

    1. Connect to the "UWS" Wi-Fi network on your device.
    2. When prompted, enter your CCID and password. Leave any other fields blank.
    3. If prompted, accept any certificates.
    4. You should now have access to the internet.
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