Zoom is a video conferencing tool integrated into eClass. It is easy to use, allows for screen sharing, and has interactive features built-in. With Zoom, you can teach synchronously and asynchronously. By this point in time, you may have used Zoom to attend and host meetings or teach a class. Here are some of the features that make Zoom a good choice for teaching a synchronous class.

  • It is built into eClass. You can add a Zoom link into your eClass course wherever you want it to sit.
  • Breakout Rooms. You can use breakout rooms to move students into smaller groups for discussions and activities during class time.
  • Screenshare. You can share your screen and you can allow your students to share their screen. This allows for sharing slides, demonstrations, collaboration, troubleshooting and student presentations.
  • Recording. You can record your Zoom sessions to allow students to review them later. This can also be useful for students who have unstable internet access and may not be able to attend class regularly.

Zoom Resources